Saturday, June 28, 2014

Reshares: Favourite Office Themed Projects!

Yesterday I reshared a bunch of office themed projects, and now I'm back to share some of my old favourites with the same theme!

This file folder shaped card appeared in 75 Creative Card Challenges!  Most of the stuff on this card is from October Afternoon's 9 to 5 collection, which is one of my favourite collections from OA!  When I first got my 9 to 5 supplies in the mail, I was so excited and made four cards in one sitting -- this card was one of them!

I made this card way back in 2010 with supplies from another October Afternoon collection called Hometown.  I remember how much fun it was to make this and love how it turned out! :D

I have such a fondness for this card!  I made this in 2010 with a stamp from Lawn Fawn's Hello Friend stamp set.  Being such a fan of office themed things, I have a lot of little clips and love making stuff where it looks like pieces of paper are clipped to the card.  Inspiration: clipboards!

By some crazy luck, this card was one of the projects chosen to be replicated for display in Archiver's stores when they started carrying Lawn Fawn products.  I couldn't believe it!  The stores needed the sample projects within a very short time frame, and certain supplies needed to be substituted for things that could be purchased at Archiver's, so I couldn't make the cards myself.  I was able to help, though, with the stamping and fussy cutting of the letters and happy faces!  Here's what they all looked like:

That's actually all I could do -- there wasn't enough time for anything else!  I packed up the pieces in little baggies and sent them to Lawn Fawn via FedEx, and guess what?  FedEx was LATE.  The package was checked by customs and they actually opened everything!  Can you imagine the reaction to all of those little letters?  When the package was delivered, the LF folks and some volunteers put all of the samples together in time for Archiver's.  Amazing!

Another fun one to make!  I made this card in 2011 with various Lawn Fawn stamps.  I was going for a "pen doodles on a notebook page" look! :D

Here's another card I made in 2011 using Lawn Fawn stamps.  Love that notebook page die and thought I'd use the die-cut horizontally, just for a little change.  I knew I wanted to make the sentiment multi-coloured, but when I tried inking the stamp with the markers I had, I didn't quite get the look I was going I came up with this! :D  Some crazy fussy cutting, but it was worth it!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Reshares: Treat Packaging!

Here to share some treat packaging projects for my last reshare post of the day!

This is my Luv U Candies Box from the January/February 2011 issue of Paper Crafts!  I made this using my Cricut machine.  I used the Love Struck cartridge to die-cut the box and conversation heart.  The smiling heart-shaped balloon is from one of my favourite cartridges -- Create a Critter!  Another one of my treat packaging projects from that issue can be found here! :o)

I made this Easter treat pouch 2 years ago from a Silhouette cut file, some Lawn Fawn paper and a super-cute bunny sticker from Doodlebug!

The next two projects were made for past Paper Crafts' blog hops:

Made in 2011 for the 350 Cards & Gifts blog hop!  To create the box, I used the Tea Light Thank You Gift pattern by Lori Tecler, which can be found on this page of patterns from the issue!  I can't take credit for the flower border, either -- it's a fancy sticker embellishment from Martha!

I made this one last year for another 350 Cards & Gifts blog hop!  The super-cute monster stamp is from Starving Artistamps -- they have such fun stamp designs!  I didn't have any candy handy when I was photographing this project, so this monster is extra excited about Halls.  Ha! :D

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Reshares: Office Themed Projects!

I have this weird love for office themed supplies, so here's my first post of office-y reshares!

From the March/April 2012 issue of Paper Crafts.  I used one of the sketches from the issue!

From the July/August 2012 issue of Paper Crafts.  ETA: I forgot to mention before that this appeared in the digital version of the July/August issue [as bonus content] and not in the print edition.  Not sure if that really matters to you guys.  Ha! :D

I made this 4 years ago.  How time flies!  I love that pencil patterned paper from Cosmo Cricket and stamp from American Crafts!

Made 2 years ago using October Afternoon's office themed 9 to 5 collection.  I love that collection!!

A mini card from 2011 using Lawn Fawn stamps and a cute brad from Doodlebug!

A CAS card from 2011 using Lawn Fawn's Quinn's ABCs stamp set.  

TIP: When applying glitter glue [I used Stickles here], try colouring your stamped letters or image in first with similarly coloured markers.  This helps to make your glittering look "fuller" because you won't see little white spots from cardstock showing through! :D

The next two cards were made a few years ago using a super-cute typewriter stamp from Lawn Fawn's Just My Type stamp set [I made two of the same-lookin' typewriters!]:



I'll post some of my favourite office themed projects tomorrow!  [Am I the only one who feels bad calling certain projects favourites?  I care about them all!]


Before this week, I should've had this sign hanging from the craft room door as a warning of the craft supply chaos inside.  Ha!  I made this door hanger over two years ago and it still makes me laugh. :D
I say "craft room", but it's not just for my crafting!  It's also the home of one of Humble's forts, some of his Humble-sized furniture and about half of his toys. :o)  It's more of a fun room, I should say! :D

This week has been a pretty productive one -- not with that much actual crafting, but with organizing! :D  I've wanted to re-organize my craft supplies for some time now because the way I was storing a lot of my supplies just wasn't working.  I had a lot of stuff in shoe boxes and plastic bins, and the stuff that was on shelves was really crammed together, so whenever I reached to get a stamp or something, a bunch of other things would get knocked to the floor.  Ha!  The supplies I tend to use the most are the ones that are easily visible, easy to get to and easy to find when I'm looking for something specific, so I knew something had to change.  I really want to get better use out of ALL of my supplies and not just some of 'em. 

I've had my eye on the Raskog cart from Ikea for a while now, so I finally splurged and got a few.  I ended up getting four -- two for the craft/fun room, and two for the living room [yes, my craft supplies spill into the living room, too!].  I really like the size of the carts, having open shelves/trays instead of drawers [so things are easy to see!], and the fact that they're on wheels. :D  And they're super-cute!  I'm still not completely done with re-organizing things, but I hope to have pictures to post next week.

I just wanted to warn you guys that the next several days will be heavy with the re-share posts!  Even though I started my blog over, there are a lot of old projects that I love and want to have up on my blog again. :o)  I'll have some new stuff to share next week.

Hope you've been having some good crafty times!  Until next post!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Pet Adoption Week: Happy Adoption Mini Cards

This is my second post for today -- click here for my other post, or simply scroll down! :o)

Here's a set of mini cards I made in honour of pet adoption!

I found this super-cute animal sticker book at Michaels a long time ago, and these adorable animals are all from that sticker book.  The sentiment and stamp of three dashed lines [which I used as faux stitching again] are from Lawn Fawn's Hello Baby stamp set.

I have these links in my sidebar, but I thought I would share them in my post because it occurred to me that folks who get my posts via e.mail don't see my sidebar!  

Here are some ways you can help shelter animals with a few clicks!
Each day, Freekibble and Freekibble Kat post a new trivia question.  Click to answer the trivia question, and 10 pieces of kibble will be donated to an animal shelter!  You don't have to answer the trivia questions correctly in order for the food to be donated -- you just have to try by clicking!
They also have super-cute e-cards that you can send for free to help spread the word! 

The Animal Rescue Site
By clicking on the purple button on The Animal Rescue Site, sponsors will donate food to help animals!  Click here to see the results of these clicks and the good that's been done.  Help spread the word about The Animal Rescue Site with a graphic from this page!
You can also help animals by shopping at The Animal Rescue Site Store!

The Animal Rescue Site
Vote for your favourite animal organization and help them win monetary prizes -- you can cast one vote per day!  One of my very favourite sanctuaries, Rolling Dog Farm, has won money because of people voting for them, so it really does work! :D 

Help spread the word about Petfinder with a widget or graphic from this page!

Help spread the word about Adopt-a-Pet with a widget or graphic from this page!

Thanks for visiting during my Pet Adoption week!  It means a lot!

Pet Adoption Week: Pitter Patter of Kitty Feet Card

Today is Best Friends Day!  Every day is Best Friends Day here, though. :D  Even after almost ten years together, every day I look at Humble and think, "I can't believe I get to live with you!"  I just feel lucky. :o)

Though I had my projects already made, I didn't have a chance to blog over the past few days, so I actually have two posts for today!  Here's the card I meant to post a couple of days ago, inspired by my little guy...

I love this sentiment and the adorable kitty cartoon!  Again, I used supplies from Simple Stories' super-cute Cat collection.  It might seem as though I used one journaling card here [the sentiment], but I actually used three!  The yellow polka dot pattern is the back of a journaling card.  And the cat?  I trimmed around the kitty cartoon from another journaling card. :o)  I like doing this because I can't always fit the full journaling card on a project, and trimming around the image kind of looks like I used a die-cut!  I added an enamel heart because I felt like it 'belonged' there. :o) 

As I mentioned earlier, today is Best Friends Day. :o)  If you're looking for your own best friend, consider adopting an animal!  Petfinder has many informative articles that will help with questions you may have about adopting a dog, a cat or another kind of animal -- you can find the main page for those articles HERE!

Adopt a Dog 

I'll be back in a bit with another post!

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Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pet Adoption Week: Live Love Meow!

Today I'm continuing on with my Pet Adoption week! :o)  I read that today is Hug Your Cat Day.  Here, every day is Hug Your Cat Day [or maybe Annoy Your Cat By Hugging Him All the Time Day]! :D  Here's the card my little guy inspired for today's blog post...

I loved making this card!!  I wanted to customize the adorable cat die-cut a little bit, so I added some hand-stitching.  The yarn ball has four lines printed on it, so I just used my paper piercer to make holes along those printed lines. :o)

The paper and cat die-cuts I used on today's card and yesterday's card are from Simple Stories' Cat collection!  I absolutely LOVE this collection, as well as the Dog collection!

CUTE overload!!  

I mentioned a few months ago that when I looked at CHA product previews online, I was most excited about Kaisercraft's Hello Sunshine collection.  I admit that I hadn't looked at any of Simple Stories' product previews, but if I had, I would've been most excited about these two collections right along with the Hello Sunshine stuff.  I'm actually glad I didn't see their previews because I would've annoyed myself with my impatience.  Ha!  There's just something about charming animal images that make crafting even more fun for me. :D  I absolutely love the way the cats and dogs were illustrated for these collections -- they're so joyful! :o)

I realize that I didn't mention what stamps I used for my sentiment on yesterday's card, though you may have already guessed!  I used the Milo's ABCs stamp set that Lawn Fawn sent over -- isn't that a great alphabet?  Thank you, LF!

And now for some pet adoption links! :o)  If you have a blog or web page and want to help spread the word about adoption, Adopt-a-Pet has great options on this page, and Petfinder has great options on this page!

  Adopt a Pet

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Pet Adoption Week: A Card Fur Humble!

This week, my projects will be centered around pet adoption!  Since June is Adopt-A-Cat Month, cat-themed projects will be the focus, though I'll have something to share later this week that includes some of our other animal friends. :o)  

As you might know from looking at my sidebar there, I'm a huge fan of animals and am big on adoption.  Adopting Humble was THE best thing I've ever done.  EverIn my whole life. :o)  One of the many things I love about animals is that they are so genuine -- always themselves, never afraid to be themselves, never phony.  And their love is so pure.  They don't care what you look like, how much money you make, or what's on your resume.  They just love and want to be loved in return.

Here's a card inspired by my own best friend...

I'm grateful for Humble every day. :o)

If you think you can care for an animal, please consider adoption!  There are so many animals who are waiting for that one person to come along, someone who will give them a loving forever home.  You'll be rewarded with a friendship that is truer than true. :o)

Best Friends Animal Society, along with some of their Network partners, have an adoption promotion this month with the spotlight on cats!  CLICK HERE for more info!

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Sunday, June 01, 2014

A Treat Bag and a Card

I've got two projects to share today -- first up is this little treat bag...

Really fun to make!!  I used stamps from the Love You S'more stamp set from Lawn Fawn.  I like that you can add little faces or a tiny image from the set to the marshmallows!  And those little faces are small enough to fit in tons of other stamps, so it'll be so easy to give inanimate objects some 'personality'. :D  I heat embossed the sentiment and added some hand-stitching for a finishing touch!

Next up, a card...

Here I used stamps from Lawn Fawn's Hello Baby stamp set.  At first, I thought this felt like an "I miss you" card, but then I thought it would be nice to make it a baby girl card with colours that might be a little unexpected for a baby girl.  I love that little bunny -- I coloured her with grey and white Prismacolor pencils, then I added some grey Flower Soft to give her a fluffy tail!  I wanted to create a sort of 'woven' look on the green grass, so I used the stamp of three dashed lines to create the pattern, but I purposely spaced each stamping unevenly and didn't have any of the horizontal stampings line up.  I added a bit of hand-stitching for extra detail -- I'm hooked on adding hand-stitching to stuff!

Many thanks to Kelly and Mike from Lawn Fawn for the stampy goodness!

I had planned to share a third card today, but I want to do another theme week, and the card couldn't be a better fit for the theme!  I'll be back to share it on Tuesday! :o)