Tuesday, June 23, 2015

6th Birthday Party Monster Card

Hey, folks!
Today I'd like to share this monster card that I made a while back...

How cute is that monster?  I just think he's so charming.  He's from Fancy Pants' Be Different collection, and so are the balloon die-cuts.  I love that stamp with the numbers -- it's from Jillibean Soup's Birthday Bisque clear stamp set.  I got that stamp set because of that stamp, and when I first saw the stamp, I immediately thought, "I think that will look neat fussy cut!"

I heat embossed the numbers with Ranger embossing powder in Tan.  I really like that embossing powder because it's a nice change from using white [I think the tan gives a softer look], and it suits pet-themed projects so well! :D  I coloured in the 6 with a Copic marker.

This card appeared in Paper Crafts' January 2015 issue in a category for birthday projects that featured numbers.  I remember when I first read about that category in the publication call, no ideas or supplies came to mind, so I wasn't that drawn to the category -- I thought I'd end up not making anything to submit for it.  When I looked through my craft supplies, remembered the Jillibean Soup set I had, and found some other things that stirred up some ideas, I wound up having so much fun making stuff for that category!  You just never know, eh? :o)

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Monday, June 22, 2015

A Humble Scrapbook Page and My First Craft Video

Hey, folks!
Here today to share my first craft video -- I show how I made this Humble scrapbook page...


I forgot to show this in my video -- I kind of bent up the corners of the patterned paper to add a little dimension...


If you would like to watch the video, I should mention that I'm really weird.  I've always been, but listening to myself in this video...I'm even weirder than I thought.  I'm just plain awkward. :D  Sometimes I stutter and repeat myself, too.

Before I edited the little intro that I posted last week, I knew nothing about editing videos, so it took me a while to make this, and there are still many things I need to learn and figure out.  It's been fun to try, though!


If you're reading my blog post in an e.mail, I don't think my video will show up.  If my embed code doesn't work, you can click here to go to my blog post, or click here to watch on Vimeo!

Hope you have a crafty week! :D

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Something New For My Crafting

Hey, folks!
I've been working on putting together some craft videos for my blog! :D  It's something I've thought about for a long time, so it's been fun to actually try it -- even though I do NOT know what I'm doing.  I learned that very quickly. :D  
I don't know how to do anything fancy or slick with editing and graphics [I don't think fancy or slick suits me anyway, to be honest], so my videos are going to look very 'diy'.  I can't promise you even lighting or nice looking hands [my hands are scary looking!], but I do love crafting, so hopefully that will come across. :o)

I hope to get my first actual crafting video posted tomorrow, but for now, here is the 'intro' that I made for the beginning of my videos!

Had a lot of fun making this!

If my embed code happens to not work for you, you can click here to watch!

Thanks for stopping by! :D