Craft Supplies I Use Often

This page is 'under construction'!  To be up front, the thumbnail and text links are affiliate links.  I buy these supplies myself and just wanted to recommend things that I actually like and use!

For some of my crafting, I use a Cuttlebug machine.  I got myself the blue and white one for my birthday, although it's not as easy to find now because it was a 'limited edition' version.  Works just like the new version, though! :D  If you have a limited budget or a limited amount of space for your crafty stuff, a Cuttlebug would be a great choice because it's not very expensive, and it doesn't take up very much space.
I don't think any of the version 2 Cuttlebugs come with a C plate, so if you decide to get a Cuttlebug machine, you may want to pick up a C plate.  The C plate will allow you to die-cut using wafer thin dies.
If you get frustrated by intricate dies that don't seem to cut all the way through, you might want to get a metal shim.  It'll make a big difference when you include it in your die-cutting sandwich!

These scissors are super-sharp and cut all the way to the tip, so they're great for fussy cutting and make it less of a tedious job. :D  Just make sure to keep 'em away from pets and kids because they really are sharp!  They come with a plastic cap that 'clicks' on.
When I first started card making, I wanted to get a bone folder to help me get nicer folds on my cards.  This one is not a fancy one by any means, but it only cost me $5 CAD at the time, and it does the job.  I still use the same one [I got the older mint green version]!
I use a mini scoring board to make my card bases.  When I started card making, I got a larger scoring board that could fit 12" x 12" paper, but I rarely scored paper larger than a card, so the larger board was just taking up more space than necessary.  This mini board is very slim, and there's even an envelope guide on the back.  The bone folder that comes with it is HORRIBLE, though [it left crazy shine on my cardstock], so I threw it out and use a stylus for scoring lines instead.  I got this stylus set because it wasn't too expensive [it cost me $3 and change when I bought it].

Most of the time, I use this half-inch tape on my cards.  I use *a lot* of adhesive in my crafting because I worry about stuff falling off or lifting up. :D  This tape is not very expensive, and you get 55 yards on a roll, so it's a better value than a lot of those little adhesive runners.  Sometimes I use the quarter-inch tape, too.
I use a crazy amount of these thin foam squares, which are my favourite foam squares.  They're very good quality and stick really, really well.  I like how thin they are because I often make things with more than one level of foam, and if I were to use foam squares of a standard thickness, then my projects would end up being crazy thick.  If you're an Amazon shopper, I would suggest waiting for a price drop because these are supposed to be $3 USD per pack.
This tape is nice and strong, so it's great for making your own bags, boxes and envelopes.  I use the quarter-inch size the most, but sometimes I also use the eighth-inch and the half-inch tapes, depending on the project.