About Us


Adopted: November 10th, 2004 [best decision I've ever made]

Pet names: He has quite a lot of them [too many to list!], but among them are Bumble, Huh-Roh, Momo, Sweet Cheeks, Sweetness, Precious and Cloud Puff. :o)

  • having unrelenting power over me
  • his forts
  • decorating our home with his hairs :o)
  • shredding loo rolls
  • shredding and sitting on paper towels
  • shredding and sitting on cardboard
  • shredding and sitting on paper bags
  • giving birds "The Stare"
  • lounging on the couch together watching Murder, She Wrote and Columbo
  • brushings
  • jumping out and attacking my ankles
  • general mischief and shenanigans

  • his birthday suit over wearing anything
  • when I don't sing to him [but he puts up with it so well!]

Proof that he has a heart of gold: Humble is very gentle with bugs.  If we ever see one in our home, he'll try to pet and play with the bug rather than kill him.  He's tenderhearted. :o)


  • Humble
  • other animals
  • making things

A dream of mine: To move us into a Tumbleweed tiny house.  My dream home is the Cypress 24IN. LOVE. WITH. IT.

Prefers: the company of animals and a simple life

My crafting: I've tried and loved many different kinds of crafts throughout my life.  In May 2009, I jumped into card making with both feet, and now paper crafting in different forms has become my 'longest lasting craft'.  I was actually interested in stamping long before card making came along -- I would stamp in my journals and on snail mail as a kid.  Before card making, I was really into hand-carving stamps [I would stamp in my journals and make ATCs], and my favourite stamp of all is one that I carved of my Humble cartoon. :o)

Some of the crafts I was into before paper crafting took over were embroidery, woodburning and jewelry making.  I used to have a little web shop where I sold handmade jewelry and vintage finds. :o)  I really like hand-sewing things, and even though I don't work on embroidery projects like I used to, I love including hand-stitching on my cards and other paper crafts.

I've recently gone back to carving stamps/linocuts, and I'm in love with it all over again!  It just wakes me up.  I hope that with enough practice, I can one day consider myself a printmaker.

Here's a look at my craft space and my Humble pastel portrait in progress: