Friday, June 27, 2014


Before this week, I should've had this sign hanging from the craft room door as a warning of the craft supply chaos inside.  Ha!  I made this door hanger over two years ago and it still makes me laugh. :D
I say "craft room", but it's not just for my crafting!  It's also the home of one of Humble's forts, some of his Humble-sized furniture and about half of his toys. :o)  It's more of a fun room, I should say! :D

This week has been a pretty productive one -- not with that much actual crafting, but with organizing! :D  I've wanted to re-organize my craft supplies for some time now because the way I was storing a lot of my supplies just wasn't working.  I had a lot of stuff in shoe boxes and plastic bins, and the stuff that was on shelves was really crammed together, so whenever I reached to get a stamp or something, a bunch of other things would get knocked to the floor.  Ha!  The supplies I tend to use the most are the ones that are easily visible, easy to get to and easy to find when I'm looking for something specific, so I knew something had to change.  I really want to get better use out of ALL of my supplies and not just some of 'em. 

I've had my eye on the Raskog cart from Ikea for a while now, so I finally splurged and got a few.  I ended up getting four -- two for the craft/fun room, and two for the living room [yes, my craft supplies spill into the living room, too!].  I really like the size of the carts, having open shelves/trays instead of drawers [so things are easy to see!], and the fact that they're on wheels. :D  And they're super-cute!  I'm still not completely done with re-organizing things, but I hope to have pictures to post next week.

I just wanted to warn you guys that the next several days will be heavy with the re-share posts!  Even though I started my blog over, there are a lot of old projects that I love and want to have up on my blog again. :o)  I'll have some new stuff to share next week.

Hope you've been having some good crafty times!  Until next post!