Published Crafts

Submitting my work to publications was something I used to do -- it was fun while it lasted, and I was able to cross some things off my bucket list!  Some of my work appeared in the following:


Mar/Apr 2011
[hot air balloon card]

Jul/Aug 2011
[camera card]

Card Ideas for
Paper Crafters

Aug 2011
[sketch only]

Card Creations:
Get Inspired

Nov 2011
[card on right]

Practical Solutions
Mar 2012
[card with pink bubble wrap]

Jul/Aug 2012
[gift bag on right]

Sept/Oct 2012
[pumpkin gift tag]

Holiday Cards
& More, Vol. 7

Sept 2012
[peace gift tag]

Apr 2014
[gift tag on left]

Photo Pocket Scrapbooking
May 2014

[wall hanging and treat bag]


[digital issues]

:: February 2015: Cat Toon Card Set, Love You Bread Tag, So Happy Together Card
:: January 2015: Real Gem Card, Hexagon 17 Card, Happy 25th Card, Rocket 3rd Birthday Bag, Wish Big 5th Birthday Card, 6th Birthday Party Monster Card, 9 Birthday Wishes Card, Homemade Thanks Tag, You Are My Sweetheart Card, Love This Notebook, Rustic Snowflake Card

With the news from Paper Crafts, the following issues will not be published, but I will share my projects that would have appeared in these issues sometime in the future:
:: Card Creations: Volume 13
:: May 2015
:: April 2015
:: March 2015


:: Photo Pocket Scrapbooking: Volume 2 [December 2014]: Meow Bark Layout [featuring Humble and our friend Lou!], Monkey Hello Card, Checking You Out Card, Love You So Much Card, Country Charm Mini Card Set, Super Happy Day Card, Thinking of You Raccoon Card, Sealed with a Kiss Tag, Take Note Notebook, Ephemera Organizer
:: Holiday Cards & More: Volume 9 [August 2014]: Snow Angel Bread Tag, Fa La La La La Card, Meowy & Bright Card [This is a photo card of Humble! :o) I'm giddy about this!], Christmas Couple Poinsettia Card, Berry Merry Gift Card Holder, Celebrate Noel Gift Pocket, Do Not Open Gift Envelope, Sweet Santa Gift Pocket, Merry Snowball Tag, Deer Friend Tag, No Peeking Tag
:: Cool Tools: Volume 2 [July 2014]: Hello Flowers Card, You're Awesome Tag, Just Because Card, Smile Card, Hey There Cupcake Card, Smile Mini Album, Cheery Hexagon Card Set, Baby Bread Tags, Time to Celebrate Gift Bag, We Click Card, Handmade with Love Gift Box, Love U Mini Album Cover, Sew Much Card, Perforated Birthday Tag, Birthday Flowers Gift Box
:: Photo Pocket Scrapbooking [May 2014]: Caring Words Card Set [p. 90], So Happy Together Card [p. 94], Let's Eat Cake Card [p. 105], Gift for You Tag [p. 112], Floral For You Tag [p. 112], Birthday Cupcake Tag [p. 114], Best Things Wall Hanging [cover and p. 128], Special Delivery Treat Bag [cover and p. 128]
:: Card Creations: Volume 12 [March 2014]: Be You, Herd It's Your Birthday, Superhero Birthday, Chevron Father's Day, You're a Classic Dad, You Are Awesome, Happy Spark of Life, Cheery Get Well, Submarine Love, Retro Miss You [also shown here!], Trendy Mother's Day, Simply Wonderful Mom, So Sorry, Time For Giving
:: Stamp It! Techniques: Volume 2 [January 2014]: Motorcycle Dad Gift Card Holder [p. 26 with step-out], Butterfly Thank You Card [p. 37], Friendship Mini Book [p. 49], So Sorry for Your Loss Card [p. 54], To the Moon & Back Card [p. 55], Feathered Hello Card [p. 55], Simple Peace Tag [p. 61]

[digital issues]

:: December 2014: Quirky Christmas Card Set, A Little Something Treat Bag
:: November 2014: Art Deco Gift Card Holder, Grateful Fur You Card, Thanks is for Giving Gift Bag, So Very Thankful Card
:: October 2014: Fall Ampersand Card, Eat Drink & Be Scary Wine Tag, Hello Bird Card, So Grateful Card
:: September 2014: Feather Thanks Card, Thank You Teacher Card, Smarty Pants Gift Card Holder, Great Pair Card [We're talking great pair of glasses, people!  Glasses!]
:: August 2014: a mention of my blog [p. 12], Bird Friends Card [p. 44]
:: July 2014: Office Congratulations Gift Bag [p. 24], Ticket to Hooray Card [p. 24], Fizzy Inside Card [p. 31]
:: June 2014: Lucky to Call You Dad Card [p. 17], Did You Get the Memo? Card [p. 40], Better Together Card [p. 42], You Are My Fave Card [p. 43]
:: May 2014: Happy for You 2 Card
:: April 2014: Birthday Wishes Tag [p. 31], Feel Better Card [p. 37], Get Well Soon Jar Tag [cover and p. 47], You & Me Mini Album [p. 52 - 53], AEIO Missing U Card [p. 55]
:: March 2014: Everything Card [p. 46], Congrats Umbrella Card [p. 46], Hello World Gift Bag [p. 62], Ssshhh Wall Hanging [p. 64]
:: February 2014: Crazy About You Treat Bag [p. 34], A+ Valentine Card [p. 40]


:: Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters: Volume 2 [December 2013]: Cheery Flower Tin, Hello Dear Card, Merci Card, Follow Your Heart Card, Patchwork Tree Tag, You Are Loved Card
:: Card Creations for Him [November 2013]: Camo Puppy Hero [p. 60], My Boy Pup [p. 68], Howdy Billy [p. 71], Sending You Love [p. 79], Tuning In to Say Hi [p. 88]
:: Stamp It! Card Challenges [November 2013]: Tree-mendous [p. 10], I Donut Know [p. 53], Happy Mother's Day [p. 54], Blossoming Love Always [p. 118] 
:: Handmade Cards [September 2013]: Special Note of Thanks Card [p. 19], Wave Hello Card [p. 44], New Sheriff in Town Card [p. 44], You Are Invited Card [p. 104], All You Need is Love Card [p. 105]
:: 350 Cards & Gifts: Volume 2 [May 2013]: Greetings Card Set [p. 37], First Class Notes Card Set [p. 38], Sending Hugs Card Set [p. 42], Birthday Cake Tag Set [p. 62], Space Robot Mini Album [p. 69], Life Is Good Mini Book [p. 79], Good Times Mini Album [p. 79], Blooming Enjoy Box [p. 88], Espressly for You Tag [p. 94], Bugs & Kisses Treat Bag Topper [p. 96], From Our House Wine Tag [p. 99], Nuts About You Treat Box [p. 100], Spread Joy Tag [p. 103], Pawsitively Fun Tag [p. 107], Kid of the Day Tag [p. 107], For Ewe Gift Bag [p. 125]
:: Handmade Home Decor [March 2013]: Lucky Banner [p. 12], Birds Nest Napkin Rings [p. 17], Mom Banner [p. 25], Cheerful Floral Frame [p. 26], In the Garden Garland [p. 27], Watermelon Coasters [p. 37], Popsicle Magnet Set [p. 41], Fourth of July Wall Hanging [p. 43], Window Magnet Board and Flower Magnets [p. 45], Spooky Door Hanger [p. 62], Christmas Characters Banner [p. 76], Santa Door Hanger [p. 83]
:: Card Creations: Volume 11 [March 2013]: Life is Good [p. 9], Sweet Girl [p. 19], Just Arrived [p. 21], You Look Great [p. 37], Happy Retirement [p. 39], For Peep's Sake [p. 44], Rainbows & Sunshine [p. 48], Love You Dad [p. 52], Paint the Town [p. 56], Bright Future [p. 66], S'more and S'more [p. 81], Houndstooth Love [p. 86]
:: Stamp It! 3 Ways [January 2013]: Brighten My World Card [p. 80], My Sunshine Tag [p. 87]

:: November/December 2013: Joyful Elf Card [p. 23], Joyful Santa Pillow Box [p. 45], Santa Treat Bag [digital content], Candy Cane Treat Pouch [digital content], Bird Treat Bags [digital content], Joy Snowmen Card [digital content], Dec. 25 Card [digital content]
:: July/August 2013: Sunny Brighter Days Card [p. 30], Just Fly Card [p. 31], Butterfly Friend Card [digital content], Cute Sailboat Card [Readers' Choice on p. 41], Have Fun Card [digital content], My Friend Card [p. 54], Someone Special Card [p. 55]
:: May/June 2013: Pink Heart Pillow Box [p. 33], So Glad Tag [digital content], Enjoy Today Gift Boxes [p. 37], A Gift for You Box [digital content], Cowboy Dad Card [digital content], Classic Car Dad Card [p. 44], Gardener Dad Card [digital content], Pilot Dad Card [digital content]
:: March/April 2013: I Call It News Card [p. 27], Hi Bicycle Card [digital content], Animal Baby Tag Set [p. 40], Baby Boy Giraffe Tag [p. 41], So Much Love Tag [p. 44], Baby Frog Tag [p. 46], Little Peanut Card [digital content], Smile It's a Boy Card [digital content], Give Me Chocolate Tag [p. 55], Pastel Love Card [digital content], Life is Good Card [digital content] -- Pink Heart Pillow Box also shown as one of the previews for the May/June 2013 issue on p. 82
:: January/February 2013: Eclectic Hurray Card [p. 23], You & Me Card [p. 31], You and Me Pard'ner Card [p. 34], World Go 'Round Card [p. 40], Out of this World Card [p. 42], Happy 1st Birthday Card [digital content], So Crazy Monster Card [p. 62], Bee Mine Card [p. 63], Hot Cocoa Tag [digital content] -- Hi Bicycle Card also shown as one of the previews for the March/April 2013 issue on p. 80


:: 75 Creative Card Challenges [December 2012]: Woodgrain Love, Birthday Robot, Floral Get Well Soon, Hey, Look Who's Turning 5, Charming Houses, Take Care, An Original, Just a Note, Thank You Teacher
:: Die Cutting for Paper Crafters [November 2012]: Bright Hi Card, My Sunshine Card, Thinking of You Butterfly Card, For You Owl Tag, Celebrate Gift Card Tag
:: Paper Crafting Tips & Tricks [November 2012]: 2 sets of projects, It'll Be Okay Card, Typeset Congrats Card, Cute Happy for You Card, Saying Hello Card, Sun in Your Heart Card
:: Holiday Cards & More: Volume 7 [September 2012]: Enjoy Treat Bag Topper, 25 Tag, Ho Ho Ho Santa Tag, Sweet Christmas Tag, Noel Star Tag, Peace Tag [cover], Just For You Gift Pocket, Holiday Tunes CD Holder, Be Merry Santa Gift Bag, Cool Friend Card, Let It Snow Card, JOY Santa Card, Comfort & Joy Card, Christmas is Coming! Card
:: Card Design Handbook [August 2012]: Vintage Father's Day Card [p. 25], Cute December Gift Box [p. 26], Bold Birthday Gift Bag [p. 31], Feel Better Card [p. 41], Give Thanks Card [p. 43], Together Card [p. 48], We Click Card [p. 54], Funky Friend to Friend Card [p. 56], Graphic Hello Card [p. 68], Everything to Me Card [p. 72], Sizzlin' Rockets Tag [p. 74], Smile Flower Tag [p. 77], More Wag Card [p. 78], Cherish Card [p. 87], Birthday Frog Tag [p. 94], Ginkgo Leaves Sympathy Card [p. 94], Good Luck Card [p. 104], Orange Birthday Card [p. 107], Life's Sweet Card [p. 115], Birthday Wishes Card [p. 122], Your Day Tag [p. 129], Yellow Hello Card [p. 131] -- also contributed sketch on p. 30
:: Stamp It! Cards: Volume 9 [June 2012]: Special Delivery [p. 35], Sweetest Thing [p. 79], Sew Special [p. 83], Get Well Flower [p. 85], Geometric Graduation [p. 89], Happy Graduation [p. 90]
:: Card Creations: Volume 10 [May 2012]: Good Golly [p. 10], Love Life [p. 10], Some Kind of Wonderful [p. 15], A Star is Born [p. 31], For You Robot [p. 43], Birthday Boy [p. 51], Here for You [p. 65], #1 Dad [p. 67], You Quack Me Up! [p. 74], Take Care [p. 80], Happy Graduation [p. 85], Fright Night [p. 87], Bright Greetings [p. 92], So Much [p. 95], Nuts About You [p. 97], Love Typewriter [p. 103], Love You Mom [p. 110], Grandmom [p. 111], Little Things [p. 114], Embossed Happy Holidays [p. 117], Happiness & Joy [p. 129], Purple Sympathy [p. 136]
:: Practical Solutions for Paper Crafters [March 2012]: We Moved Card [cover and p. 33], Well Done Card [p. 36], Keep in Touch Card [p. 39], Bon Voyage Card [p. 58], Stay in Touch Card [p. 112], Made with Love Card [p. 116], You're a Vision Card [p. 121], Letter Tiles Card [p. 128], Love You Card [p. 133], Happy Spring Card [p. 134]
:: Party Ensembles [February 2012]: Fun on the Farm [p. 14-15], Space Monkey Birthday [p. 16-17], Cute Easter Party [p. 194-195], Monster Madness [p. 236-237], Harvest Celebration [p. 252-253] 
:: Stamp It! 3 Ways [January 2012]: Your Day Gift Bag [p. 24], Best Pals Mini Album [p. 41]

:: November/December 2012: Graphic Star Card [digital content for subscribers], Typeset Noel Card [digital content for subscribers], Soon It Will Be Christmas Tag, Warmer Together Tag, Holiday Ticket Tag Trio [digital content for subscribers], Let's Be Merry & Bright Card   
:: September/October 2012: Thankful Card [p. 28], Thankful Tag [p. 46], You Make a Difference Card [digital content for subscribers], Frankenstud Treat Bag [p. 51], Treats and Sweets Bag [p. 51], Oct. 31 Pumpkin Tag [p. 57], Eek! Pumpkin Tag [cover and p. 57], Spider Web Tag [p. 57]
:: July/August 2012: Deserted Island Card [p. 38], Love to Read Bookmark [p. 51], The Write Stuff Card [digital content for subscribers], Go See Do Card [p. 68 and online bonus project], Tree-mendous Card [p. 73], Best Wishes Air Mail Card [p. 74], Follow Your Dreams Tag [digital content for subscribers], Way to Go! Gift Card Holder [p. 80], Airplane Birthday Gift Bag [cover and p. 81] -- Frankenstud Treat Bag also shown as one of the previews for the September/October 2012 issue on p. 86   
:: May/June 2012: Summer to Remember Card [p. 27], Courage Card [p. 66], Big Day Gift Card Holder [p. 72], Pop Card [p. 74], Houndstooth Tag [p. 76], Young at Heart Card [p. 79] 
:: March/April 2012: You're the Glue Card [p. 27], You & Me Card [p. 53] 
:: January/February 2012: Framed Thinking of You Card [p. 39], Please Be Mine Card [p. 64], Out of This World Card [p. 67], Check Yes or No Card [p. 68], Warmer Together Card [part of Get Inspired section on p. 90 -- also shown here 


:: Cool Tools for Paper Crafters [December 2011]: Enjoy the Moment Mini Album [p. 17], Whale Love Gift Bag [p. 94], Welcome Gift Box [p. 101] 
:: Card Creations: Get Inspired [November 2011]: Congratulations Bouquet [cover and p. 80], Graphic Hello [p. 11], Lots of Hugs [p. 26], You Shine [p. 30], Wild About You! [p. 33], Retro Birthday [p. 51], Monogram [p. 61], Sending Birthday Wishes [p. 83], Doily Get Well [p. 85]   
:: 365 Cards [November 2011]: Airmail Thanks [p. 21], Smile Crocodile [p. 26], Bloom Where You're Planted [p. 34], Happy Anniversary Bouquet [p. 41], Story Time [p. 45], Love Tiles [p. 49], Out of this World [p. 57], Chill Out [p. 58], Friends are the Chocolate Chips [p. 61], Get the Memo? [p. 63], Attitude is Everything [p. 68], MANY Thanks [p. 69], Life's Ups & Downs [p. 70], Color My World [p. 90], Fabulous Day [p. 90], Hey, Pal! [p. 102], Sew Much [p. 112], Need a Lift? [p. 113], SUPER! [p. 115], Warms My Heart [p. 126], Sweet Holiday [p. 149], Very Merry Christmas [p. 151]
:: Holiday Cards & More: Volume 6 [September 2011]: Meowy Christmas Photo [This is a photo card of my little guy!! :o) -- p. 20!], Sweet Holiday Wishes [p. 29], Nordic Joy [p. 35], Warm Wishes Snowman [p. 58], Button Tree [p. 68], Sparkling Snowflake [p. 89], Scandinavian Tree [p. 89], Joyeux Noel [p. 91], Holiday Cheer Envelope [p. 104], Dinomite Holiday Box [p. 109], Poinsettia Place Setting [p. 132]
:: Card Ideas for Paper Crafters [August 2011]: six sketches [sketch #54 on cover], Sweet Baby [p. 17], Hey Bloom [p. 37], Noel [p. 43], Little One [p. 85], Hoot [p. 109], Hello Friend [p. 116], XOXO [p. 119], Missed You [p. 120], Across the Miles [p. 149]
:: Stamp It! Cards: Volume 8 [July 2011]: Christmas Deer Mini Card Trio [Editor's Note on p. 7 and online bonus project], Happy Wishes [p. 35], Remember Rainbows [p. 62], Nothing Better [p. 79], Floral Damask Hello [p. 91], Guess Who? [p. 91], Stamped with Love [p. 96], You're Hot [p. 98], Typeface Love [p. 101]
:: Card Creations: Volume 9 [May 2011]: Bloomin' Day [p. 9], Birdie Smiles [p. 11], Clothesline Baby [p. 23], Tiny Packages [p. 27], Just Hatched [p. 27], Hip Hip Hooray! [p. 49], Happy Spring [p. 55], Foxy Father's Day [p. 65], Get Well Soon [p. 79], Reach for the Sky [p. 80], Ghostly Boo [p. 82], Flying By [p. 86], Lush Love [p. 93], Cute as a Button [p. 95], Cutie [p. 99], Merry & Bright [p. 121], Embossed Sympathy [p. 129], Woodgrain Sympathy [p. 132], Canvas Tag Thank You [p. 139], Blue & Brown Thinking of You [p. 149] 
:: 350 Cards & Gifts [March 2011]: Baby Boy Gift Card Holder [p. 55], Bloom Box [p. 71], Sunny Celebrate Gift Bag [p. 72], Sew Lovely Tag [p. 81], Let's Celebrate Box [p. 83], For You Flower Box [p. 85], My Dad Gift Bag [p. 88], Fly a Kite Box [p. 88], It's Your Day Box [p. 95] 
:: Stamp It! Techniques [January 2011]: Celebrate Pillow Box [p. 29], Birthday Monster Box [p. 49]   

:: November/December 2011: Sparkly 'Tis the Season Card [online bonus project], Everything You Do Card [online bonus project], Retro Gratitude Card [online bonus project], Hello Friend Card [p. 21], Triple Thanks Card [p. 27], My Gratitude Card [p. 28], Merry & Bright Snowmen Card [p. 48]
:: September/October 2011: You're a Star Card [p. 28], Eat, Drink & Be Scary Tag [p. 40], Cute Little Witch Card [p. 44], Autumn Flower Napkin Rings [p. 65], Clown Cupcake Toppers [p. 70], Funny Owls Card [p. 75], Clown Costume Goodie Bag [online bonus project], Thanks So Much Card [part of Tips, Tools, & Techniques section on p. 88]
:: July/August 2011: Perfect Pair Card [p. 34], Happy Shower Card [p. 34], Girls' Night Card [p. 37], Picture Perfect Card [cover and p. 38], Paint the Town Card [p. 38], Make Me Happy Card [p. 39], Hello Foxy! Card [p. 40], Your Support Card [p. 42]
:: May/June 2011: Beautiful Bouquet Card [online bonus project], You're a Gem Tag [p. 50], Sew How's Things Card [online bonus project], Sew Happy Card [p. 73], Cut Above the Rest Card [p. 78] -- Girls' Night Card also shown as a preview for the July/August 2011 issue on p. 83    
:: March/April 2011: Blue Skies Card [cover and p. 67], Silly Sunshine Card [p. 23], Heartfelt Thanks Card [p. 29] -- Sew Happy Card also shown as a preview for the May/June 2011 issue on p. 87
:: January/February 2011: For My Sweet Treat Bag [online bonus project], Luv U Candies Box [p. 55], Together Card [p. 64] 


Issue 89
August 2011
[Orange You Glad?
card on right]


:: Color Inspiration for Card Makers [December 2010]: Celebrate [p. 12], Bold Hi [p. 17], Flower Burst Birthday [p. 18], Sincerest Thanks [p. 25], Hooray! [p. 26], All Tied Up Birthday [p. 27], Hello Sunshine [p. 34], Woodgrain Baby [p. 54], Hug with a Fold in the Middle [p. 76], Get Well Hugs & Wishes [p. 85], Happy Birthday [p. 87], Red Birthday Wishes [p. 122], Green Hi [p. 128], Fab-u-lous [p. 136], Birthday Ape [p. 138], You Did It! [p. 146], My Apologies [p. 154], Thank Ewe [p. 161]
:: Card Creations: Favorite Occasions, Vol. 2 [November 2010]: Stylish Hi There [p. 14], We Miss You [p. 17], Rainbow [p. 20], Hooray! [p. 29], Birthday Bouquet [p. 36], You Rule [p. 53]    

:: November/December 2010: The Best Birthday [p. 23]