Thursday, June 18, 2015

Something New For My Crafting

Hey, folks!
I've been working on putting together some craft videos for my blog! :D  It's something I've thought about for a long time, so it's been fun to actually try it -- even though I do NOT know what I'm doing.  I learned that very quickly. :D  
I don't know how to do anything fancy or slick with editing and graphics [I don't think fancy or slick suits me anyway, to be honest], so my videos are going to look very 'diy'.  I can't promise you even lighting or nice looking hands [my hands are scary looking!], but I do love crafting, so hopefully that will come across. :o)

I hope to get my first actual crafting video posted tomorrow, but for now, here is the 'intro' that I made for the beginning of my videos!

Had a lot of fun making this!

If my embed code happens to not work for you, you can click here to watch!

Thanks for stopping by! :D