Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Humble the Ferocious

Here today to share another scrapbook page I made back in April 2014...

Humble and his little lion roar yawn. :D
I love his yawns and try to catch them with my camera -- many of the pictures turn out blurry, but I love those pictures, too!  In this case, I was lucky enough to catch a very clear Humble yawn on Halloween 2009.  He looks like he's singing opera! :o)

The adorable monsters, frame, 'ROAR!' and two pieces of 6x6 paper are from Fancy Pants' Be Different collection [that's a fun one!].

And now for a sort of random share...

Growing up, I never liked school and being in a classroom.  Once in a while, I would occupy myself by making something out of a found object.  Here's something I made with a piece of wire...

A little dog being walked by an invisible person. :D
I think I was around 15 when I made this.  I can't remember what class I was in, but I know it wasn't anywhere CLOSE to being as interesting as this piece of wire was to me. :D  Ha!