Saturday, May 31, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: A Card Inspired by Blossom

Hope you guys have enjoyed my theme week for Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary!  I've really enjoyed making these projects, and for somebody who is not usually a regular blogger, this theme week idea really worked in pushing me to blog more!  Of course, that has more to do with the cause and trying to help spread the word about it.  I mean, I make a lot of stuff and always enjoy making these things, but I usually don't feel a push to share everything.  So I'm really doing this for the animals! :o)  If even a few people click on some of those links and read about Edgar's Mission, it will be worth it to me.

Today's project was inspired by a cow named Blossom. :o)  I read the page about her weeks ago, and there was something about her that just stuck with me.  And the pictures of her giving her friends nose smooches?  Just makes me happy to see. :o)  She's in their Best Buddy Program, so you can sponsor her if you'd like!  Check out this video in which Blossom makes appearances with some of her friends at Edgar's Mission!


Here's the card that Blossom inspired me to make!

I used the cow image from the On The Farm stamp set from Stampendous!  You'll see that the stamp image has lines on the cow's face, so I couldn't make the face of the cow look like Blossom's [she doesn't have the brown around her eyes].  I guess I could've just left those areas uncoloured, though I'm not sure if the cow's face would then look like I just forgot to finish colouring!  On her body, you can see that I coloured outside the lines of the stamp image to try to make the cow look more like Blossom. :o)  The cute punny sentiment is from the Critters on the Farm stamp set from Lawn Fawn. 

Before I go, I'd like to re-share some of the links I posted on Monday:
  • You can help support Edgar's Mission by visiting their online shop, where they also have links for making donations!  All pricing is in Australian dollars [AUD]. 
  • Here is a quick link to their donation page.  There are more donation options, which you can find here!
  • If you'd like to make regular monthly donations, visit this page
  • If you'd like to sponsor a member of the Edgar's Mission family, check out their Best Buddy Program!  For just an extra $5, you can get your Welcome Pack by snail mail -- just check the "Postal Buddy Pack" box when signing up on the individual animal's page!  

If you think you might be able to help, I'm sure it would mean so much to the animals at Edgar's Mission and to the folks who care for them!

Thanks for stopping by this week! :o)

Friday, May 30, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: Inspired by the Ducks at Edgar's Mission

I'm continuing on with my Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary week today!  First, I wanted to share this heartwarming video about friendship...

So moving to me! :o)

My card for today was inspired by the duck residents at Edgar's Mission -- ducks like Phantom [who can be sponsored in their Best Buddy Program!], Lorne Duck, Lone Ranger [who is also in their Best Buddy Program!], Huey, Louie, Dewey and Joy, Selena Duck, Candy, Miss Puddleduck, Boris Yeltsin, Manuel, Dawn Fraser, Dame Edna, Daffy and Xena, Sir Francis Drake, and Robinson Crusoe!  I was also inspired by Quick and Quack -- there's some very important information in their blog post, so please click on over to read!

Here is the card they inspired!


I had so much fun making this card!  Last week, I received a gift of several stamp sets from Kelly and Mike at Lawn Fawn -- thank you so much, guys, for the snail mail surprise!

For my card today, I wanted to use stamps from the #awesome stamp set in a slightly different way than they were intended.  To create my 'photograph', I used the adorable duck image and cloud from the Hello Baby stamp set.  I chose to do all of my colouring with Prismacolor pencils because I knew I wanted to draw the grass myself, and I thought pencil crayons would be more forgiving than markers.  I also just love the look you can get with pencil crayons! :D  To hang my picture, I pulled the Fanciful Frames stamp set from my craft stash so I could use that super-cute hanging nail image -- I love that little stamp!  To add a finishing touch to my card, I did a little hand-stitching with embroidery floss. :o)  

When I got the surprise from Kelly and Mike, I wanted to create projects that really featured their stamps, but I couldn't help sneaking a couple of their stamps on Monday's card!  There's a stamp with three dashed lines in the Hello Baby stamp set -- my immediate thought was to use that stamp with the cloud or umbrella images, but that stamp also works great for faux stitching!  If you're a Lawn Fawn fan, stop by on Sunday to see a few more projects!

Hope you got a smile here today!  I'll be back tomorrow with one more Edgar's Mission inspired project! :o)

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: A Kiss From Polly Pig!

This is my second post for today -- click here for my other post, or simply scroll down! :o)

I just wanted to share this with you guys because this really made me smile!  Supporters of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary's Raising the Roof fundraiser got an adorable thank you message from Polly Pig...

I mean, c'mon!  How cute!!  There was even a video of Polly giving the smooch -- adorable!
They gave permission to share and brag that we got a kiss from Polly.  If there was ever anything worth bragging about, it would be getting a kiss from Polly the pig!! :o)

Their Raising the Roof appeal brought in the most money ever raised on the crowdfunding platform Chuffed for an Australian not-for-profit organization.  Isn't that incredible?  It gives me hope knowing that there are so many who really care about these animals and want to help them.

Today they introduced charming Levi, their newest resident, on their blog!  I love the quote they posted with his introduction:

"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul." - A.D. Williams
I did a search and found so many other quotes from Anthony Douglas Williams that I loved, among them being these:
"Animals should not require our permission to live on earth.  Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived."
"I have looked into the eyes of many animals.  Each time I get a special feeling.  A feeling quite different from human eye contact.  It is a unique feeling.  It touches my heart.  It affects my soul."
"All animals just want to be loved."
"If we could read the minds of animals we would find only truths."
"The love expressed by other animals is always true love."
"If they breathe, they live.  If they hear, they listen.  If they see, they know.  If they care, they love."

Thanks for stopping by today. :o)

Thank You, Kerri and Paper Crafts!

Something really surprised me today!  I visited the Paper Crafts blog and saw that Kerri Miller did a post with some of my cardsThank you so much, Kerri, for the kind things you wrote -- it really was a big, happy surprise!  And the shout-out to Humble?  Made me even happier!! :D  As Kerri mentioned, he really is the apple of my eye. :o)

Kerri mentioned the word "effortless", which I take as a huge compliment that I do NOT deserve.  I repeat: NOT deserve!  To be totally honest, it takes me a lot of effort just to come up with an idea and craft each project.  I mean A LOT. :D  I move stuff around/change my mind a hundred times and constantly say to myself, "Does that look weird?!  That looks weird, right?  I can't even tell!"  Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I'm doing.  No kidding.  But that doesn't keep crafting from being some serious fun!

Here is one of the cards that Kerri shared in her post:

I love office-themed stuff!  I actually submitted this card to several different Paper Crafts calls before it was picked, so the lesson here is, don't give up! :D  This card caught a lucky break in the June 2014 issue of Paper Crafts & Scrapbooking!

Thanks again, Kerri, and thank you to the folks who left some kind words on Kerri's post -- it really means a lot to me!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: Inspired by the Lambs at Edgar's Mission

Today I'm continuing with my Edgar's Mission week -- a kind of tribute, I guess you could say, to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, a place that has quickly come to mean so much to me.  The card I made today was inspired by the lambs at the farm sanctuary!  This video featuring Peter Pan the lamb gave me smile pain -- he's sure to make you smile, too!  Just seeing his happy reactions to Pam Ahern's touch melts my heart. :o)

I was also moved by this blog post about Smudge, and animals like Charity, Alan Marshall, Bubbles and Babe, Berni, Tinker Bell [I believe that's Tinker Bell who appears in a part of the video above!], Lizzie, Lucky Phil, Peter Parker, Helen and Bea, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Brutus and Swee'Pea, Coco, Merlin, Dorothy, Tattslotto, Miles, Sunny, Phoebe, The Flintstones, Buttercup, The Andrew Sisters, Panda, The Rainbow Lambs... Really, every animal is an inspiration to me.

Here is the project they inspired!

The lamb is from the same stamp set I used for Monday's card -- On The Farm from Stampendous.  I just love those stamp images!  I also love adding some hand-stitching to projects -- even if it's just a little, I think it adds a lot to a card. :o)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: A Card Inspired by Polly

For a little while now, I've been thinking about doing theme weeks on my blog.  I don't have it in me to blog every day or very often [normally, anyway], but I thought that if I did a theme week where I could also talk about something I really care about beyond the craft projects, I might be able to pull off 3 or 4 posts during that week...just because I care about trying to help spread the word about animal causes. :o)  

When I first heard about Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary several weeks ago, I knew I wanted the first theme week to be about them!  I'm so moved by what they do for animals and what they stand for.  Their message is one of compassion, cruelty-free living, and kindness towards all animals.  I first heard about them because of Leon Trotsky's story, and I spent hours reading their website soon after -- I loved them immediately.  Even though I'll probably never get to visit Edgar's Mission, it's one of those places that I'm just glad exists in the world.

Their blog warms my heart every time I visit -- it's beautifully written and has many photographs of the Edgar's Mission animals that will make you smile and turn your heart into a puddle of mush.

Earlier today, they wrapped up their Raising the Roof appeal, which was a fundraiser for their new forever home -- they're moving!  They had special thank you gifts that supporters could choose from.  One was "Be the apple of Polly's eye!", where they will plant a fruit tree in the pig paddock for each supporter who chose that gift.  It makes me so happy just thinking that we'll get to be a part of the new Edgar's Mission in some way!  And so, today's project was inspired by Polly. :o)

I tried to colour the pig to look like her, but I don't think I captured her look very well!  I didn't have quite the right colours of markers, and then I got really carried away with the shading!  Heh heh.  I took the shading too far, folks.  Maybe this is Polly after a good roll in the mud? :D  She has grey patches around her eyes, but I think I coloured them a little too large!  Even with my not-quite-accurate colouring, this card was made with a lot of love. :o)  You can see some Polly pictures here, here and here!  The slideshow on their homepage also has an adorable picture from her 4th birthday party [click on photo #9!].

I have a handful of much-loved farm animal stamp sets in my craft stash already, though for a while now, I've wanted stamps that have a little more detail in the illustrations of the animals.  I found exactly what I was looking for in the On The Farm stamp set by Stampendous, which is where my Polly image came from!  I also ordered the super-adorable Cowlik Birthday stamp set, which was on my wishlist!

I love these stamp sets!! :o)  I really wanted to feature the On The Farm stamp set for my Edgar's Mission week, so I got a bit antsy waiting for it to arrive in the mail [it got here this past Friday!].

I don't want to leave without sharing some very important info:
  • You can help support Edgar's Mission by visiting their online shop, where they also have links for making donations!  All pricing is in Australian dollars [AUD]. 
  • Here is a quick link to their donation page.  There are more donation options, which you can find here!
  • If you'd like to make regular monthly donations, visit this page
  • If you'd like to sponsor a member of the Edgar's Mission family, check out their Best Buddy Program!  For just an extra $5, you can get your Welcome Pack by snail mail -- just check the "Postal Buddy Pack" box when signing up on the individual animal's page!    

I could not possibly leave without sharing this ADORABLE video from Edgar's Mission, featuring Polly and some of her precious pals!  A good heart-warming is only a click away. :o)

Just makes me happy to see them happy! :o)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Family of Ducks

Last year, I was so happy to get a chance to see this family of ducks spending some time nearby...

Aren't they precious?  They warmed my heart and just made me feel lucky to be there. :o)

Not to worry -- the little guy directly behind his mom was not hurt!  He was doing a little turnaround. :o)

She's a great mom!  She kept a very close watch on her babies the entire time I was there.  I think she was a little wary of me at first -- she kept her distance, and her babies followed her wherever she went.  I could understand...I mean, I'd be wary, too, if some weird person was sitting nearby, smiling from ear to ear, pointing a camera at me.  Heh!  I sat there for a long time, though, and I think she eventually thought I was "okay" and wasn't there to harm them. :o)  Then she swam right up to me and warmed my heart [again]...

To all moms, I hope you had a great Mother's Day! :o)