Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: Inspired by the Lambs at Edgar's Mission

Today I'm continuing with my Edgar's Mission week -- a kind of tribute, I guess you could say, to Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary, a place that has quickly come to mean so much to me.  The card I made today was inspired by the lambs at the farm sanctuary!  This video featuring Peter Pan the lamb gave me smile pain -- he's sure to make you smile, too!  Just seeing his happy reactions to Pam Ahern's touch melts my heart. :o)

I was also moved by this blog post about Smudge, and animals like Charity, Alan Marshall, Bubbles and Babe, Berni, Tinker Bell [I believe that's Tinker Bell who appears in a part of the video above!], Lizzie, Lucky Phil, Peter Parker, Helen and Bea, Popeye, Olive Oyl, Brutus and Swee'Pea, Coco, Merlin, Dorothy, Tattslotto, Miles, Sunny, Phoebe, The Flintstones, Buttercup, The Andrew Sisters, Panda, The Rainbow Lambs... Really, every animal is an inspiration to me.

Here is the project they inspired!

The lamb is from the same stamp set I used for Monday's card -- On The Farm from Stampendous.  I just love those stamp images!  I also love adding some hand-stitching to projects -- even if it's just a little, I think it adds a lot to a card. :o)