Thursday, May 29, 2014

Edgar's Mission Week: A Kiss From Polly Pig!

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I just wanted to share this with you guys because this really made me smile!  Supporters of Edgar's Mission Farm Sanctuary's Raising the Roof fundraiser got an adorable thank you message from Polly Pig...

I mean, c'mon!  How cute!!  There was even a video of Polly giving the smooch -- adorable!
They gave permission to share and brag that we got a kiss from Polly.  If there was ever anything worth bragging about, it would be getting a kiss from Polly the pig!! :o)

Their Raising the Roof appeal brought in the most money ever raised on the crowdfunding platform Chuffed for an Australian not-for-profit organization.  Isn't that incredible?  It gives me hope knowing that there are so many who really care about these animals and want to help them.

Today they introduced charming Levi, their newest resident, on their blog!  I love the quote they posted with his introduction:

"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal.  I see a living being.  I see a friend.  I feel a soul." - A.D. Williams
I did a search and found so many other quotes from Anthony Douglas Williams that I loved, among them being these:
"Animals should not require our permission to live on earth.  Animals were given the right to be here long before we arrived."
"I have looked into the eyes of many animals.  Each time I get a special feeling.  A feeling quite different from human eye contact.  It is a unique feeling.  It touches my heart.  It affects my soul."
"All animals just want to be loved."
"If we could read the minds of animals we would find only truths."
"The love expressed by other animals is always true love."
"If they breathe, they live.  If they hear, they listen.  If they see, they know.  If they care, they love."

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