Friday, August 30, 2013


Hello folks,
Haven't been around in a while, eh?  I'm not very good at this blogging thing.  
The day after my last post, I got to visit my canine pal Diesel.  He was going through a very difficult time in his life, so it meant a lot to get to visit him and spend the day with him at the park and at his home.  I made this tag for his gift...

His gift?  Two blankets from the baby section of the store [baby blankets are extra-extra-soft].

It made me happy just to see how happy Diesel was at the park.  It was as though his illness just lifted away for a time.  Combined, we took over 400 pictures of him! :o)  I wanted to make a mini album for them, but it turned into two because I picked more photos than one album could fit.  I loved all of them!  I don't feel right about sharing their personal photos here, so I'll just share this one so you can get an idea of what one of the albums was like...

I love making mini albums nice and chunky and full of journaling cards and pockets.  The second album was just as chunky -- probably a little more.

I also made this card that I gave to them on a following visit...

I love animal stamps that have enough open space to allow you to colour them to look like certain pets.  Most of the time, when I'm colouring a cat stamp, I'll colour him to look like Humble. :o)  Here, I tried to watercolour the dog to look like Diesel.

It was very sad having to say goodbye...I didn't have the chance to know Diesel for a long time, but the time that I did get to know him was and is very special to me.  Miss you already, sweet little guy, and I wish I could see you running in the park again.  There's a lot of love for you on this side of the bridge.