Saturday, March 15, 2014

Reshares: Some Past Blog Hop Favourites!

Today I thought I'd reshare some of my favourites from past Paper Crafts blog hops!  First up is this hand-stitched card...

For the Handmade Cards blog hop in September 2013.
We were asked to make cards using a certain number of supplies, and my number was three.  The three supplies I chose: cardstock, stencils and embroidery floss [basic tools and adhesive didn't count].

For most of my card's elements, I used stencils from an American Crafts kit.  For the blue flower centre and "hi", I paper pierced the cardstock freehand.  The flower from the stencil was a simple outline, but I wanted to add a bit more detail, so I pierced one hole in the middle so that I could have stitches radiating from the centre [like I did with the blue piece].  One option was to cut the designs out before stitching, but instead, I decided to stitch the designs before cutting them so that I'd have a slightly larger piece of cardstock to hold onto as I did the stitching.

Next up is Naptime Santa Card...

For the Holiday Cards & More: Volume 7 blog hop in September 2012.
We were asked to create projects using the free sentiment downloads from the issue, and I chose to use the "Holiday Cheer" banner.

The napping Santa and couch are stamps from Starving Artistamps.  I love colouring on patterned paper, as I did with the couch there.  It's an easy way to add detail/another colour without having to paper piece!  To create the baseboard, I scored a piece of cardstock and then trimmed it.  I found it easier to score the cardstock first and then cut it into a skinny strip, rather than trying to score a fiddly, skinny piece of cardstock.

Humble, Napping Champion, was napping on the couch when I made this Santa card. :D

Next up is a Before and After set of cards that I made for the Card Design Handbook blog hop in August 2012.  The idea behind the blog hop was to show how a project can go from "good to great" by following the rules of design explained in the issue.  I decided to work with the "rules" of Fun & Cute, my favourite crafting style.  Some of Paper Crafts' tips for crafting Fun & Cute are to incorporate the following:
  • happy colour scheme
  • sweet sentiment
  • uncomplicated design
  • whimsy [i.e. cartoons and doodles]
  • simple shapes [i.e. hearts and stars]
  • friendly patterns [i.e. polka dots and gingham]

Here's my Before card:

Here we've got the uncomplicated design and cartoon.  The main thing that looks a little "off" is the sentiment -- the font is a little too fancy for a Fun & Cute card.

Now for the card makeover!

That sentiment is WAY better, right?  Punny sentiments and Fun & Cute are like the best friends of card making. :D  This time, I covered the card base with a slightly brighter blue that's embossed with dots, and I stamped polka dots on the "sky" to add more of that friendly pattern.  I rounded the corners of the card to soften it a little.

The moose and polka dot background stamps are from Starving Artistamps.  The sentiment from them is really "That's Amooseing", but I did some selective inking with it and a different stamp to get this sentiment.

My last reshare for today is a card I made for the Card Creations: Get Inspired blog hop in December 2011.  We were asked to make cards using something from our homes as inspiration.  I chose one of my favourite vintage finds, this adorable bunny mug...

This little guy makes me smile every day!  Here's the card he inspired...

Jumping for joy!
For added dimension, I trimmed around the upper body and lower body separately, then I attached the lower body with one layer of foam and the upper body with two layers of foam.  The cloud paper in the background is shimmery -- fun stuff!

Again, I used stamps from Starving Artistamps.  If I had to pick one favourite stamp company, it would be them.  Their stamps make me laugh, and I just have pure fun using their stamp images.  They have lots of cat stamps, too, so it's impossible for me not to be in total stamp love. :o)  I used some of their cat stamps on a couple of my favourite blog hop cards, but I'll save those for a future cats-only reshare post! :D

Before I go, I wanted to share some news that made me giddy!  Humble will be appearing in Holiday Cards & More: Volume 9! :D  Hoo-hoo!!  I crossed all fingers and toes hoping that one particular card would make it in.  I don't mention this to brag or anything -- I'm just happy about it because I love Humble the most. :o)  I'm still grinning like a fool.

Thanks for stopping by for this gigantic blog post -- hope you have a crafty weekend!